Our Services

Whether it is an airline deciding on branding and livery ideas for a fleet or an aircraft owner wanting to spice up the color scheme on their private aircraft; 3CHEM has digital color tools available to help choose from either a large color portfolio or formulate new unique colors. As color trends evolve, our team of designers can recommend various options for branding and recognition that will ensure your aircraft stands out amongst the rest.  In addition to a practically limitless selection of solid gloss colors, we offer special effects coatings including mica (metallic), pearlescent, and color changing technologies. Contact us today for full color development support.

Color matching plays a valuable role in the maintenance and refinishing of aircraft and components. It is not enough to merely match a color, it must be reproduced time after time with great precision. Most OEM specifications require a max color difference or ΔE from the original color standard depending on the type of color being manufacture. Using the most updated state of the art color matching equipment and technology including  the X-Rite® Color iMatch formulating and quality control system; 3CHEM can guarantee the accuracy of color from batch to batch within OEM specifications.

Not all color sheen is created equally. We manufacture all our polyurethane coating lines in various gloss ranges. Semi-gloss, medium gloss, low gloss, matt, or flat. Our color team can take any gloss color and by removing specular reflection; mimic the exact same color in any gloss range desired. We can even custom match the sheen from any surface. With a simple sample of the physical substrate present, our team can replicate not only color but also sheen (+/-3 GU). If physical sample is not available, request an onsite visit from our team. Our color technicians may be able to match your color onsite.

3CHEM is not only interested in selling coatings, it is our goal to make sure our customers have all the necessary tools to apply 3CHEM coatings properly. Therefore, we offer product and application training to all end-users. It is 3CHEM’s responsibility as the manufacturer to make sure all our clients know what products should be used and how to apply them. These training courses cover the following topics:

  • Understanding of 3Chem products and systems
  • Current aerospace coating theories and practices
  • Health and Safety
  • Color formulating
  • Mixing and application of 3Chem coatings
  • New and upcoming coating technologies
  • Practical application demonstration of 3CHEM coatings

All training courses can be customized to accommodate the customer’s specific need. They range from beginner to advanced levels and are offered in multiple languages.

Our support does not end there; 3CHEM also offers on-site technical support at the customer’s request. We understand application is an intricate part of the aircraft coating process. Our technical support team has over 50 years of combined experience in the aerospace coating industry and is always ready to land a hand. From the beginning of your paint job to the end; 3CHEM is ready and willing to assist you.

Today's market place is everchanging and requires a flexible approach to managing inventory levels and costs. At 3CHEM we understand the issues faced by most MROs and airline operators with regards to stocking shelf life sensitive material.

We have developed various programs to assist in lowering inventory carrying cost and material waste expenses. Some of these programs include onsite consignment and virtual warehouse management of our products. With the help of SAP® Software solutions, our team has various options to support inventory programs for our customer worldwide. While developing coatings is our passion, supporting aerospace / aviation customers is our mission. Programs such as these give our customers more financial flexibility to keep our industry flying for years to come. Contact us today for more information.

3CHEM has the team and resources available to ship hazmat material via land, air, and sea. Our hazardous material specialists are IATA certified to ship worldwide. Whether it is one kit of material or a complete "ship set" for a large aircraft, we handle all aspects of shipment preparation including hazmat packaging, labeling, and form preparation. Our logistics partners can even assist in offering competitive air/marine freight rates to numerous locations around the globe.

We are also approved to ship hazardous materials with various small parcel carriers. Therefore, we can usually deliver an A.O.G order within 24 hours anywhere in the US. If you run out of material and need it now, 3Chem is always your best option to get the problem resolved. Contact us today, we are standing by to help.