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PRESS RELEASE January 25, 2024 3Chem’s FlyGloss (basecoat/clearcoat paint system) receives Embraer approval under MEP 10-125. After months of testing at the Embraer manufacturing facility in Sao Jose dos Campos, Brazil; 3Chem’s basecoat / clearcoat paint system has been added to the quality products list for specification MEP 10-125. FlyGloss is a new age type exterior decorative coating which offers longer warranties on gloss and color retention. In addition, this system’s extraordinary coverage and hiding power allows for less material to be used on the aircraft. Translating into less weight and better fuel efficiency. FlyGloss is available in endless color options including solids, micas and pearlescents. The FlyGloss paint system was already qualified to AMS 3095 (for aftermarket use on Airbus and Boeing exteriors), the Embraer qualification will now allow 3Chem to expand into the regional aircraft market. 3Chem currently has distribution centers in the United States, Brazil, Colombia, India, Mexico, and will be expanding into Europe soon. Competitive pricing and the best lead times in the industry make 3Chem the best choice for airlines and MROs worldwide. Contact your local sales representative or visit www.3chem.com for more information.


3Chem’s FlyGloss bc/cc exterior paint system has received QPL approval for AMS 3095 specification. FlyGloss offers many benefits including, aircraft weight reduction, fast tape time on basecoat, and extended warranty on gloss and color retention. It is available in limitless color options including solids, micas, and pearlescent special effect colors. This system can be supplied in various kit sizes ranging from a 2 gallon kit to small touch-up kits. Contact the 3CHEM team at [email protected] for more information.

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