Whether it is an airline deciding on branding and livery ideas for a fleet or an aircraft owner wanting to spice up the color scheme on their private aircraft; 3CHEM has the digital color tools to help choose from either a large color portfolio or formulate new unique colors. In addition to a practically limitless selection of solid gloss colors, we offer special effects coatings including mica (metallic), pearlescent, and color changing technologies.

Custom Color Matching

Color matching plays a valuable role in the maintenance and refinishing of aircraft and components. It is not enough to merely match a color, it must be reproduced time after time with great precision. Most OEM specifications require a max color difference or ΔE from the original color standard depending on the type of color being manufacture. Using the most updated state of the art color matching technologies including iMatch.

Technical Support

3CHEM is not only interested in selling coatings, it is our goal to make sure our customers have all the necessary tools to apply 3CHEM coatings properly. Therefore, we offer product and application training to all end-users. It is 3CHEM’s responsibility as the manufacturer to make sure all our clients know what products should be used and how to apply them.

Get to know our company

3CHEM Corporation has more than 60 years of experience in laboratory-controlled formulations, testing, and the manufacturing and processing of advanced materials protection coatings. We work hand in hand with airlines and OEMs worldwide in developing products to meet their unique specifications. With current research and development projects under way in areas such as composite surface protection coatings, zero VOC coatings, and extended life coating systems, 3CHEM is leading the way in cutting edge coating technologies.

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